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Why Employers Should Consider Inexperienced but Passionate Graduates for Certain Job Positions

Editor’s Note: Here’s a compelling article on why employers should consider hiring graduate employees with no experience but lots of drive and passion, at least for ceratin ...

5 Reasons Your Job Adverts May Be Attracting Poor Applications

You may have found yourself in a situation where you sent out a job advert that pulled in dismal or very poor quality applications. Attracting quality prospective workers has a lot ...

Making Your Job Advertising Nairas Count: How to Track ROI on Your Job Advertising

There are several options open for a recruiter or employer to advertise jobs and attract candidates but unless you have unlimited funds allocated to recruitment purposes you want to ...

Hiring Your First Employees? Here’s Some Tips to Attract Quality People for Young Entepreneurs

Determine your exact need and only hire for a position when the need is there. What changes will need to be made in your internal processes to accommodate the new hires. Expand at Your ...

How You Can Hire the Best Employees for Your Small and Medium Business

If you are running a new business (with most likely very limited funds) the success of your first few hires will play an important role on the speed at which your young startup business ...
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