How to Ensure You Don’t Go From Hiring to Firing

Editor’s Note: This article was previously published on I doubt if firing two employees (so far in my entrepreneurial career) qualifies me to dispense advice on ...

4 Basic Tools for Success for Today’s African Young Entrepreneurs

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Armand E.G. Goutondji a freelance English/French translator/interpreter and the owner of AEG.Communications, a T&I agency. It was first ...

For First Time Entrepreneurs: How to Conduct Your First Job Interview

If you had started your business as a one man stuff and now looking to expand and hire your first employees it certainly will be very important that you do things right. Depending on ...

Rewrite That Boring Job Details and Get Quality Response to Your Job Advertisements

It is surprising how many employers say they want the best qualified candidates for the vacant positions in their organizations yet they go ahead to put job adverts that will never ...

40 Witty and Memorable Quotes From Managers & CEOs Around the World

Editor’s note: This piece was previously published at NairaBrains. Managing isn’t always an easy job whether it be a football team, a small expanding business or a large non ...
The Art of Hiring

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