4 Steps to Hire Better Entry Level Employees

Hiring entry level or graduate trainee candidates is a different kettle of fish from recruiting for experienced roles. For entry level or no experience positions you have very little to base your recruitment efforts on, unlike when you need to find a candidate with some years of experience.

We know lots of companies (big and small) hire a lot of roles that require non-costly graduate employees with little experience. What is the best way to hire the right candidates?

Here are 4 strategies you can implement for great success;

1. Cast the Net Wide But Have a Sieve

For entry level jobs you want to reach as many potential candidates as possible. So spread the word about the role (be clear about the job vacancy details – we will write more on this in the near future). Post on job sites, share on social media, send out emails and Whatsapp broadcasts (You never know where suitable candidates are)

However in order not to get deluged with thousands of useless applications/candidates you need a sieve. If you have your own career page direct candidates to apply there and make sure they have to fill a form/answer a few questions. Or better still use Ngcareers Pre-screening Questions tool to sieve out sub-par applications.

2. The Two Layer Sieve

The two layer sieve is a process that creates a two layer loop that candidates will have to pass before their application gets to you. This minimises greatly the time-wastage involved in entry level recruitment. Use the test question and application form formula.

The candidate will get to see 3 – 5 questions they must answer to be able to fill and send in their application. Only candidates that get a certain percentage of the questions correct and filled their application get to be viewed by the recruiter. Usually we see that in Ngcareers out of say 500 applications the employer gets to see maybe 20% pass through the sieve. Your job becomes easier as you review the smaller number of more serious candidates.

3. Only the Best Should Come in for an Interview

So at the stage of reviewing and shortlisting applications you make sure only the very best (in terms of their CVs and cover letters) are penned down for interview. Still you should run phone interviews first before arriving at a final shortlist to invite for a Face to face interview. This ensures your physical interviews will not be a waste of time.

4. Identify the key things you need and look for them (Loyalty, Intelligence, Creativity, Hardwork etc)

For entry level roles there are key qualities each role needs. Make sure you note them down and those are what you should be looking for in every review/interview.

Since you don’t have much to base on (eg relevant experience) it is important to get candidates that align with the major qualities the role require.

Eg if the role is finance related etc you are looking for key qualities such as Trust, Loyalty etc. Identifying at least 3 key qualities needed for each role will help in shaping the sort of questions and background research you do on the candidates.

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