4 Ways to Convince Experienced, Passive Candidates to Join Your Company

As a hiring manager we are sure you may have come across situations where you find a highly qualified candidate who will be good for your organisation but is not keen on leaving his current employer unless he gets a Wow Offer from a Wow Company.
For this category of candidate it is not easy to get them interested in your offer especially if your organisation is not bigger, more prestigious or pays considerably more than his current employer.

It would be difficult to get him to join because;

– He earns more than your company can offer
– He earns equal to the most your company can offer and your organisation is obviously less known or prestigious

What You can Do to Win Such Candidate

Find Current Compensation/Remuneration Package: Find out all your organisation offers that his current employer does not (welfare, work culture, remote work, flexibility etc). Find an edge your company has over his current employer.
Position/Title: Can you create a more prestigious title/position for him? If you can manage to do this you stand a chance as most people want to leave their current job to a bigger one
Bonuses / Perks: Can anything be done about the flexible aspects of his remuneration? Like bonuses, profit share etc
Create a career gap: He has to see that moving means at least a 15% advancement in his career. if you cannot create a career gap for him to see clearly you lose

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