Introducing Talent Search for Recruiters and Employers on Ngcareers

For many employers and recruiters getting the right candidates for experienced job openings is tougher when there is no reliable platform to search and target the kind of candidates they want.

Sometimes posting a job advert for some very experienced jobs on the job sites across the country may not get recruiters what they want. So many applications to sieve through and the worst is many jobseekers and unemployed graduates simply push in their CVs without checking to see if they actually meet up with the requirements of the job as posted.

As Nigeria’s emerging career community with close to 300,000 monthly users many of whom are experience working professionals we have always got the request from recruiters for a platform where they can identify and reach prospective candidates who meet their requirements without having to go through the hassles of posting a vacancy and wading their way through hundreds and sometimes thousands of CVs.

Thus the idea for Ngcareers Talent Search came up.

We have been hard at work trying to create a talent search database which ease of search and we are proud to announce we have finally launched our Talent Search platform.

If you are an employer looking to get a few prospects to interview for an opening in your company without going through the hassles of posting jobs all over the place and stumbling through thousands of CVs then the Ngcareers Talent Search is for you.

Find top talents, identify best hands for your job openings, download their profiles and reach out to them with your compelling offer. We will continually make sure we attract the best quality professionals and career individuals in the country to our Talent Search database.

You can explore our Talent Search Solution for employers and recruiters HERE.

You can always let us know what you think with any issues, suggestions or ideas you have on how we can do better.

Finding the right hands for your jobs just got easier with Ngcareers. Check out our Recruitment Solutions for employers and recruiters

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