5 Strategies to Attract and Retain Quality Employees for Your Company

There may be millions of people out of work in the country still organisations and companies find it not very easy to get the right people in terms of job skills and attitude to join their team.

With the ever expanding technological channels and opportunities employers now need to do more than ever before to sniff out and attract the stellar candidates they need. The old methods of putting together the same format of adverts and slapping them on newspapers and job sites may no longer be sufficient to pull in some extra talented employees to your organisation. Top quality candidates will not want to work for your company, especially if it’s a new and young one, without you giving them a very attractive reason.

Recruitment is a two way process – you need to sell your company/vacancy to prospective employees in the same way you expect them to sell their skills and achievements to you when applying for positions.

With the constantly increasing availability of information on the internet, individuals are becoming evermore savvy and mobile in the job market.

While the job opportunities versus applicants equation is currently lopsided in Nigeria there is still a very discernible shortage in quality, experience manpower. These skilled, savvy candidates and employees now have better choices and will have to be persuaded by a superior and more interesting argument to want to come work for you.

Making Your Business More Attractive to Employees and Potential Employees

Key to building a strong workforce for your company and attracting the right people to improve your team lies partly in what you do with the current team members you have. If you have good employees who enjoy working for you they probably will also be an avenue to help bring in people from their personal and professional networks that they can vouch for. This is why it is important that you take employee satisfaction very seriously.

Secondly, you need to ensure you are doing a better job at marketing and selling your company and vacancies than your competitors are.

So how can you improve your own candidate attraction strategy in order to engage with the best talent available in the market?

Identify your target market.

Profile what makes the ideal candidate for your business. What is likely to attract those individuals? Ask your current employees what they enjoy about working for your business and articulate this in any communication.

Craft your message. In the same way you would tailor your message to prospective customers, you need to identify the USPs (Unique Selling Points) of your business, so you can effectively communicate these to prospective employees.

Use Testimonials.

Customer testimonials help to prove that your products or services actually benefit the end user. Similarly, employee testimonials add gravitas to the fact that working for your business could enhance the working lives of prospective employees. Remember to use pictures when promoting these online.

Look at What Your Competitors are Doing.

If you are losing great employees to your competitors, then have a look at what they are doing to engage your people! The likelihood is that their opportunities are no better than yours, but they have simply created a more compelling message to attract the best talent.

Where does your target market spend time online? Make sure your vacancies are visible on these sites and platforms or, at the very least, have a presence there in order to get your company name in front of the right people. Get involved in discussion groups and career communities.

Use Your Corporate Social Networks to Engage Potential Candidates.

If you are already using social media to market and sell your products and services, you already have a captive audience of brand ambassadors. Make sure your vacancies are visible so that they can be ‘liked’, ‘shared’, ‘re-tweeted’ and so on. This will help you widen your audience effortlessly.

Ask for referrals.

As part of the sales process, you would naturally ask for referrals when you have delivered a great service. Why should recruiting be any different? When a candidate has had a great experience with your business, they are more likely to refer their nearest and dearest to work for you. Employee referrals are proven to generate better quality and more loyal employees.

Essentially, your recruitment strategies should mirror your sales and marketing strategies. The outcomes may not be immediately tangible in the form of increased revenue but, ultimately, with great people working for you – your business will thrive and grow on a long-term basis.

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