Push Your Business Closer to Success With These 5 Marketing Techniques

When promoting your business, don’t forget to maximize traditional marketing techniques in addition to online marketing programs. Many consumers today respond very favorably to hands-on advertising and promotion efforts. Here are five successful marketing techniques that can help.

Get Involved

Business owners who interact with the local community can develop positive relationships and build rapport with potential customers that are in their area. For example, Sponsoring kids’ sports teams is a great way to support family values and make your company more visible. You may also be able to offer discounts or give away samples or freebies to families on the team, which can further increase exposure to your business.

Be Visible

Use direct mail marketing or postcards to constantly remind people about your business and the services that you can offer. For a good example, think of traditional marketing for dentists. These professionals will regularly send out postcards and letters to those who need to receive a regular check-up or cleaning, which will increase the chances of these people using the dentist’s services. These same dentists can also use a dental marketing RIO calculator to make sure that they are making a profit from their direct mail marketing.

Become an Expert

Share your experience and insight through radio interviews that cover topics related to your business. If you own a landscape company, for example, discuss the best time for fall planting of spring flower bulbs like tulips and daffodils, or share some useful mulching techniques. You can also propose offering a weekly or daily one-minute gardening tip. Becoming a radio-recognized expert will help to gain listeners’ trust and promote your credibility.

Give Gifts

Participate in local charitable or festival activities. You can hand out candy during Halloween or have a platter of Christmas cookies and a pot of hot cider on hand during the winter holidays, giving these things out to those who pass by your office or store. You can also give away pencils or decorative notepads with your company name imprinted on them, which will give people constant access to your business’ information.

Expand Your Reach

Attend trade shows and conferences related to your business, where you should have professional business cards ready to hand out, along with colorful brochures or fliers that describe your products or services. By organizing a solo presentation or a panel discussion on a relevant topic, you will be able to build credibility within your chosen field.

Using traditional methods can get your business known and appreciated. Start using these tips to generate leads and clientele, but always look for new ways to reach out to your customers and the local population.

Chaliegh Glass is a writer and writes sometimes on traditional marketing for dentists

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