3 Tips to Getting the Best Out of Your Casual Workers

Sometimes in the course of business you need to use casual staff for certain duties. Sometimes you need to decide if a certain responsibility should warrant a full time job or not.

Casual work refers to the sort of work where there is no mutuality of obligation. A casual worker is never a full employee thus does not have the full rights and expectations of a permanent staff. As a result it can also be difficult getting casual workers to put in their best.

Note also that casual work is different from contract work as contract work can come with clear binding obligations on both parts albeit only for the period which the contract lasts.

If you are looking to get the best from your casual staff despite the obvious nature of their engagement here are some tips you might find useful

1. Set Simple Goals for Them

Just beacuse a casual worker is not a full employee doesn’t mean she could turn in poor quality work or even fail to achieve tangible aspects of her work. From the onset set clear and uncomplicated goals for them and make sure the goals are such that they know by themselves if they met them or not

2. Do Sufficient Background Check

Some of your casual workers like cleaners etc may be privy to some information or have access to certain areas in your premises and you want to be sure you will not find something important missing one day or discover damaging information leak.

Don’t think doing a background check is for only full time employees. Do enough background check as well on your casual staff and make them aware that they are expected to behave in an accountable manner at all times.

3. Listen to Them and Provide Enough Tools for Their Job

Casual staff shouldn’t be treated any less importantly than others. Get feedback from them on what they need to work better and ensure they have adequate tools and resources to carry out their jobs.

Casual workers in some cases can end up being employees. Be on the lookout for exceptional casual workers as it could be more cost effective transferring them to full employee status when a vacancy comes up that they are qualified for. This will further save you the cost and time looking elsewhere for suitable candidates

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