How to Optimise Your Online Job Listings for Better Targeted Applications from Candidates

As job advertising online becomes the preferred means of attracting quality candidates for most businesses and employers there is need also to understand the little things one can do to ensure the most possible exposure for your job advert.

With the potential candidate you are looking to hook being inundated with thousands of webpages and possible career information your job opportunity has to stand out and make the right impressions to attract the right talent.

Search Engine Optimisation

When you post or advertise your jobs in Nigeria across any of the available job sites one thing you should have an eye on is ‘the search engine visibility’ of your job information. How to make your job vacancy ‘findable’ in the midst of other job postings of similar nature.

Choose the Right Platform

One key thing you never have to overlook in publishing your jobs online and getting valuable exposure and clicks on them is the type and pedigree of website that you submit your job information to. While there are literally thousands of job sites and blogs your aim should be to list your jobs on the top job sites with search engine optimised design and architecture. When you list your job on a top job site in Nigeria your job stands better opportunity of appearing better in search results as a result of the site’s general architecture, page rank authority and search engine value.

Choose the right keywords

The keywords you include in your job title and descriptions matter. These are words commonly searched throughout your job opening description. A standard job description will no longer do. Include the city where your job opening in located, commonly searched for word combinations, and even city or certification abbreviations.

Custom url’s.

If your organisation regularly lists jobs on its own job site, career pages or job board in addition to using keywords within your job announcement copy, we recommend customizing your web addresses to include the city and job title or common keyword. This is just another way to emphasize the importance of the keyword and combinations, but remember to limit your url to just 3-5 additional words after your domain name. Remove common words like ‘the,’ ‘and’, and ‘an’. (Example:

Craft Optimised Job Details

Your job details should have all the important keywords for which you want to be used by potential candidates in finding the job information. You can check out a few of our articles on how to create good job details and descriptions.

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