How to Get Your First Customers as a New Business Without Spending Much

It is a given that if you are a new business you may not have the access to unlimited funds to aggressively pursue and attract your very first set of users. As a new company getting your initial customers/users is very important to quickly set off your product and service offerings and get the much needed initial feedback that will help you fine-tune and refine your offerings.

Getting these first few hundreds of users in the door will take a combination of several tactics some of which are outlined below;

Think Outside the Box

One thing that low capital does is to force one to think outside the box when it comes to marketing and promoting your business. To get your initial customers will require thinking of little ways to use the leverage tool other complementary businesses have to offer.

Is Your Product or Service Ready?

Before you actively start seeking new users or customers for your company’s services or products first ensure if they are up to a reasonable standard of readiness. Everything mustn’t be perfect but your product has to has a minimum viability status which you can test by getting a close knit group of early bird test users.

Reach out to Friends and Family to Build a Test User Group (If You Have a Product)

Your early bird users can comprise of friends and family and even colleagues. You can ask them to give honest feedback on what they feel about the products or services and point out areas they think need some improvement. Sometimes you do not need a very beautiful product to start acquiring customers. If the product is effective and solves the problems it promises to solve you can then build on that solid foundation

4 Ways to Get Your First Customers Almost for Free

Look Out for Partnerships

There is so much leverage you can gain from actively seeking out people and other businesses that you can partner with to attract their target audience. The key is to look for possible partnership opportunities with businesses whose customers and users fall within the target user for your businesses’ products and services. When you have identified a good number of these businesses you will have to come up with attractive and mutually beneficial propositions that will be easy for those intended partners to allude to.

Piggy Back Marketing

This is a marketing technique where you basically ride on the back of events and related programmes to promote your business. You identify events that are targeted at the same market demography with your products and services and explore means of utilizing the exposure from the event for your business. One way to do this is to sponsor the event and you can do this by offering your services and products (if relevant) to the event organizers. You need not spend cash to get yourself on such events as you can explore the possibility of offering your products or services in one way or the other for the event.

Get on Social Media

The rapid rise of the internet and its attendant social networking platforms have somewhat leveled the marketing playground for small businesses. Smart feeding of the millions of potential users on the social web will get you a reasonable portion of new potential users. You just have to get putting up useful, engaging information and actively attracting users who fall with the bracket of your target audience.

Give Away Free Samples

You can use the social media platforms to organize stakes and give-away competitions that you can use to generate buzz about your business. Be sure to do stuff that will help spread the word about your fantastic products or services by doing the give-aways strictly on your products and services. An online laundry cleaning service business can offer free cleaning service worth a certain amount for winners of their competition or for the first number of persons to order a certain amount of products or services.

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