How to Develop Top Notch Customer Service Culture in Your Company

Customer Service in many organisations in Nigeria always leaves much to be desired. Managers and CEOs spend millions promoting their company’s various products and service offerings but end up losing hundreds and in some cases thousands of new and old customers as a result of shabby customer service handling.

In today’s world of fierce business dealings and struggle for market share small and medium scale businesses cannot afford to ignore the customer service department.

The Least Costly Way to Promote Your Business

Depending on the nature of your business word-of-mouth can be a very strong and powerful means of developing new interest and stimulating conversations around your products and service offerings. If you are not as cash ladden as your competitors investing in a solid, result oriented and satisfaction purusing customer service plan will do wonders for your business.

Developing a strong customer service culture at the workplace and throughout the company dwells on several things you can do.

Treat Your Team Well

Superb customer service starts from your people. If your people are not treated well and happy to work for the organisation you can hardly expect them to treat your customers with respect and courtesy. A healthy and positive workforce is crucial if you wish to turn your company into a positive customer service organisation

Empower to With Sufficient Responsibilities

Customer Service means nothing if your people cannot solve the issues and problems brought to them by both prospective and existing customers. It does your organisation more harm when the customer service attendant has to keep asking a customer to check back in two days because he doesn’t have the authority to handle her (the customer’s case) and cannot channel the issue quickly enough to the right authorities.

If a particular complaint is too complex for the customer service/front desk team to handle there should be very fast channels of getting the right person(s) to look into the issues and resolve them.
Your attendants calm and soothing voice over the phone will only keep the customer patient for sometime and then when it appears the solution he seeks isn’t forthcoming the courtesy and apologies wouldn’t count for much. Results are what matters in the market place. The customer needs their issues to be fixed and they will go on trusting your organisation to take care of their needs.

Train Your People

Your customer service team should be trained on need anticipation for the indutsry you play in. They need to have deep understanding of the emotios that drive customers and buyers in your industry and effectively how to discover the hidden needs of the customers. In both email and phone communications they will demonstrate emotional empathy with the users. Some cases of customer service calls by customers may not mean they (the customers) are dissatisfied with the service but rather they seek re-assurances and the opinion of people who should know to assure themselves they are making the right choice.

Every Body Should be a Customer Service Agent

At our organisation we strive to teach everybody the basics of all the different aspects of the company’s operations. This broader knowledge of what every other person in the company does will empower your team members to do advocacy and customer service work in informal situations. Giving a prospective user some useful advice on how your company’s products can be of help to solving his challenges is something each member of your team should be able and willing to do. Representing the company is something everybody should take up. And you have to develop a culture that lets all team members into key insights of what each other person does. Empowering your people to represent the company at all times will contribute to your overall brand growth.

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