For Managers: Qualities of Highly Productive Remote Teams

If you are responsible for managing a team that works remotely to achieve set business goals you know it is not the same as managing a team working in one central location. It is even more difficult as you would have to ensure that despite the lack of physical presence your team is working and collaboration effectively on its joint goal and meeting set targets.

While managing a remote team has some basic resemblances to managing an on-site team there are very obvious differences you will need to take care of to ensure very productive work from your team.

This leads to the expose on what makes successful and highly remote teams tick. Knowing what makes a virtual team produce very highly will we hope help in the way you lead, coordinate and direct your own team to produce the best results.

They Share Information About Each Other and Understand Each Other

Since remote work goes against the way we have come to understand the workplace there is the need for a certain level of information familiarisation among members of a remote team to get everyone comfortable on a certain level.

It is important you understand information about how each of them prefer to work, how and when they sleep, when is their most productive periods. This helps you as the team coordinator to find a common and easily acceptable work schedule and road map for the team.

They Develop Unique, Non-Distracting Ways to Stay Connected

For a remote team information sharing is even more important as every member of the team needs to be constantly aware of what they are required to do, get quick feedback on issues and follow everyone else’s progress. Each member of your remote team should have webcams, and skype installed for a quick video conferencing chat. Instant messengers are also helpful in getting across quickly to any member of the team who needs to be reached.

The key is finding and developing the right mix of communication tools and setting the ground rules of usage which ensures that any member of the team can be easily reached at any time needed. Smooth and easy communication will smoothen the work of the remote team and help it reach its goals with less friction.

Take Cognizance of Time Zones

If your entire remote team work from different locations in Nigeria you do not need to bother about time zone. However as the world gets more global you could be working with a virtual team whose members are scattered around the African continent and even beyond. In such cases time zone considerations become paramount. A team member working in Nigeria may need to be awake at dead hours of the night to be able to resolve an urgent issue with another colleague working in a far different time zone. If the differences in time zone are not well planned for project time frame can be delayed

Constant Communication is Key

As the team leader communication is your primary responsibility and you also do have to make the rest of the team communicate within themselves. Making everybody accessible to the other is a great way to eliminate delays that might result due to lack of access to information. If a team member needs certain information from you or any other team member it should be very easy for him to get across with the request.

Well Thought Out Schedule and Work Plan

Leaving everyone to work at their own pace and schedule in a remote team could be highly counter-productive. While it makes sense to leave some room for flexibility having a work plan and schedule to guide the entire team brings a sense of responsibility. Better everyone knows what they are supposed to do and when they are supposed to do that.

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