What Angry Customers Can Teach You About Your Business and How to Turn Angry Customers to Happy Ones

If you have run a business facing consumers or been on the consumer facing side of business and not yet met an angry customer in person or on the phone you may be missing something. Angry customers are a regular occurrence as one reason or the other may cause you to give unsatisfactory response to customers.

When you encounter an aggressive, angry and rude customer the first tendency is that you might loose your cool. There are certain customers that refuse to see reason and after continous overtures from your people will continue to be nasty. Those kind of customers you might have to let go as they are incorrigible. However this piece is about justifiably angry customers and how you can turn them into positives for your business.

Many businesses ignore angry customers without knowing that getting down to the root of their annoyance will probably unearth weaknesses about their business processes.

How to Handle Angry Customers and Improve Your Business


The first rule when talking with a vexed customer is to listen. Let the vent be poured so you know from which angle they are coming. You need to have the information on what makes them pissed off. That information could be a revelation to something that’s making you lose revenues or users. For every angry customer that calls your hotline or tweets their anger at your handle there are probably tens or hundred others who are silent but may not do business with your company again. So you see the anger of the few customers as possibly representing several more others.


Its often underrated what a simple apology can do. Your customer service rep should be able to apologise in a short, clear and sincere manner. That most times can make the customer pause and realise he is speaking with a fellow human.

Get The Issues Clear

After making a simple apology for your organisation the customer service rep should be able to carefully get the issues clear and make sure he understands the issues bothering the customer. It is important he asks the customer clearly to ascertain the issues at stake.

Solve the Issues

Your customer service rep or whoever is in charge of resolving customer issues should be in a position to assure the customer of speedy resolution of any issues. This means you should give your people reasonable responsibility and authority to handle and resolve issues with customers. It doesn’t portray an efficient image when your representatives have to keep telling customers they will get back to them. Angry customers want the burning issues addressed and not promises, equip your people to resolve those issues quickly. You will have one less angry customer each time this is done.

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