Are You Getting The Best Out of Your Staff? Here are 8 Great Tips to Create a Highly Productive Staff

As the founder or owner of your business you certainly have full understanding of what you do and intend achieving with your business. However if you have other people working with you on your idea you will have to also ensure they are on the same page with you and giving their best for the growth of the business.
In a time when it is more difficult to get dedicated team members who are willing to put in their best just how do you go about making your employees give their best for your business.

Know Your Staff

If you are heading a small team of not more than 50 people it is important you know each team member and understand what makes them tick. The advantage of smaller businesses is that you retain the personal touch in dealing with your employees. Knowing your team’s strength and weaknesses and adopting a more proactive management style will help you get the best from them.

Be Clear on The Job Duties and Functions

One of the easiest ways to have your staff doing very little or insufficient work is not to have clear duties for them to handle. Be clear on the job duties for each member and the processes for tackling all of the responsibilities.

Get The Team Working Seamlessly

While it is great to have each team members’ work spelt out a lot of their work will still involve team work and lots of collaborations. In collaborations duties can’t be so clearly separated. However it will be of great use if you outline fairly thought out processes for team and collaboration work making sure each member understands fully what they are supposed to handle, how communication should flow and the importance of feedback.

Motivate Your Team

There are certainly several ways to keep morale high on the team and keep everyone focused and committed to the goal of the business apart from pure cahs benefits. Exploring ways to keep your people motivated will involve making a poll of what they consider important in making their work easier and more enjoyable. A well motivated team will move faster and more assuredly towards the direction you want everyone to.

Restructure Jobs to Fit the Personality of Your Team Members

One of the benefits of smaller businesses is that you can restructure jobs and share employees across responsibilities to keep their interest and engagement fresh and prevent loss of interest in monotonous work schedule.

Give Reasonable Responsibility and Authority

A lot happens if you allow your employees the responsibilities to take certain decisions on the spot as may occur in their day to day job duties. Unlike what most people think giving authority to your people will not affect performance. When you treat them like adults and allow them certain responsibility it will rather increase their feeling of involvement in the company and will rub off on how serious and active they become in discharging their duties

Institute a Performance Based Reward System

If you do not have the strong cash flow to guarantee the raises you can come up with a creative bonuses and profit sharing plans where employees are rewarded financially based on performance and results they put up in their work.

Weed out Negative Influences

As your business grows bigger no matter what you do you may start noticing a few bad eggs in your team who no matter what you do either do not perform or try to affect others with their negativity and non-performance. At times the last resort is to remove the individuals who don’t fit into your company culture.

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