5 Tips to Building a Harmonious Workplace

In today’s fast paced workplace it becomes more important the culture and harmony existing in your organisation as it affects more and more the output and productivity of the organisation. The workplace equally becomes more and more diverse; people from different backgrounds and cultural sentiments will work in or are already working in your organisation. Your challenge is to nurture and build a strong, united and harmonious workforce with high morale that will push vigorously towards the set goals and objectives.

Make The Rules Clear at The Beginning

Many experts believe that when an organisation has too many rules it runs the risk of having its best people run foul of them. However rules set the foundation for what is and what is not acceptable at the workplace. Especially when you have people from diverse cultures, religions and mentality working together you must create rules that prohibit discrimination of any form and seeks to dissuade disrespect. A workplace that thrives on mutual respect will invariably produce and bond more. Make clear rules on what you want the organisation to be and what acceptable modes of behaviour is expected of everybody and implement those rules from day one.

Lead by Example

One of the ways to create a harmonious workplace is to exhibit and showcase the mutual respect and harmony in your dealings with the staff. Be open to feedback (positive and negative) from all members of the team and create a culture of responsibility and accountability. When you work hard, put in your best it is easier to have your team follow in doing their best for the company. Great Managers and business leaders know that smart employees always watch their actions and ways of handling issues.

Hire the Right People, Cheerful and Positive Personalities

Building a harmonious workplace starts from the first few hires. When you hire people who are talented but are naturally nasty, non-accommodating and quick to anger you will find it difficult building a strong team of respect and harmony. Sometimes when a position requires a good dose of team work and collaboration you sacrifice talent for the right qualities. A highly talented worker that pisses off his colleagues over time will be doing more harm than good to the overall team morale and productivity. You will only consider such person if he is assigned to a job that has minimum dependence on interactions with other team members.

Workplace Design: What Has it Got to Do With a Happy Workforce

The design of your workplace can have varying effects on the productivity and morale of your workers. To get a comfortable workplace design don’t just do what you feel is comfortable and okay. Ask for the input of the team members. From the work desk arrangements to the quality and design of seats these are little things that will matter in making an employee comfortable on the job. The fact that you value their input on how to make the workplace better will make an impression on your team members.

Interact With Team Members and Nip Problems in the Bud

Leaving your corner office as a manager and interacting with your staff in the general workspace will give you an inside into the atmosphere and personal challenges they work in. The advantage of being active this way is that you can find out issues and problems at the workplace or between co-workers that are capable of affecting the morale of the team and handling them immediately. Studying your workers will let you know which of them are influencing the other negatively by the way they work or act.

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