How E-Recruiting Helps Companies and Employers Reduce Cost of Hiring Talents by 70%

A Decade ago there was absolutely no internet based recruiting in Nigeria as we have it today. Recruitment tended to be cumbersome, non-measurable and costly. For the small enterprise it could entail putting up a notice board outside the door of the office location meaning only those who happen to walk by would apply. The scope of reaching suitable candidates was extremely narrowed.

The Recruitment Chain

From Job Advertising to Candidate Selection the processes have changed a lot. Then advertising vacancies only had to be via the Print, Radio and TV Media with the candidate selection process another drawn out process that involves managing lots of paper CVs.

The E-recruitment model means employers and recruiters can take most of the recruitment process online and reduce hours spent in manual candidate selection.

How Companies Reduce Hiring Cost

Candidate Attraction: The first step in hiring for new positions which most times starts the cost chain is in attracting suitable candidates. This is done majorly by advertising the vacant positions via such channels that will increase the chances of suitably qualified persons seeing and responding to them.

The newspapers used to be a good enough means of attracting candidates until the Internet came. Now many of the younger, more vibrant and skilled workforce your organisation is looking to target are online. Job advertising is going online at a huge pace. The costs associated with advertising jobs online versus offline are incomparable.

For instance it costs between N5,000 to N10,000 to advertise vacancies on Ngcareers but costs almost five times that for a small vacancy advert box in any of the national dailies. And for perspective the none of the country’s newspapers have more than 200,000 copies sold daily. Jobs get published once and no more. However online a job vacancy can still be accessible until the deadline for application making it possible for more thousands of potential candidates to access them.

The cost and viral advantage of using online means for candidate attraction is very evident.

Job boards vs Enhanced Online Recruitment Solutions

A few years back job boards and sites began springing up like wildfire in Nigeria. Today the wave is dying down giving way to a few serious job sites hoping to take a huge chunk of the recruitment advertising money available in the market.

However the evolution of the job industry means that most of these job sites are fast losing their relevance. More enhanced online recruitment solutions are gradually taking over.

From Getting the jobs outlined, advertising the vacancy, collating applications online (eliminating paperwork), searching and screening databases and applications (through established parameters), shortlisting of candidates, further vetting and verification of candidates’ profile (via social media etc), testing/interview, hiring successful candidates the way we recruit new hands have changed forever and will continue to change. The dynamics of online recruiting will continue to give employers more tools to get the best possible candidates for their jobs.

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