E-Recruitment in Nigeria: Why the Jobs Are Going Online and The Imminent Change in Nigeria’s Recruitment Processes

Recruitment in Nigeria is taking its time to go online but it surely is doing so. Prior to the internet in the country and even until a couple of years ago almost all recruitment processes where carried out offline.

Newspapers, bulletins etc played a huge role in job advertising (they still appear to do). Ministries and agencies handled hundreds of thousands of paper work for their recruitment processes.

Recruiting the Old Way: Costs and Challenges for Recruiters and Employing Companies

There is no gainsaying that recruitment in Nigeria was a cost intensive process given especially that there was no effective offline candidate screening and shortlisting method. The costs of recruiting people through the traditional method was significant especially the more experience and skills required for the positions being recruited.

Take an analogy where a company looking to hire a bunch of experienced mid level staff goes to place an advert in the national or regional dailies costing hundreds of thousands, then receives a bunch of CVs and Cover Letters which they wade through for days before arriving at the best shortlist of candidates. Nothing is said about the extra costs of managing and handling paperwork if the organisation is a recruiting agency that intends to build a database of raw candidate files.

These days a recruiting organisation can easily build an online CV dump (database) and search for potentially qualified candidates through their database when the need arises.

It used to be great placing your job advert in the national dailies which were potentially read by a reasonable portion of the target candidate pool you seek. These days the dwindling circulation of even the most nationally known of newspapers means one thing; the audience are going online to catch their favourite news and information.

The online recruitment model essentially involves candidate attraction which most times consists of advertising the vacancies in via various online fora, application screening through various platforms down to even interviews which could be conducted through video chat and other means.

What is the Best Way to Hire and Recruit Talents (Online or a Hybrid of Media)

The choice of media to use for recruitment is determined by a few questions;

Are the candidates likely to be found online or anywhere else?

Depending on the nature of job you wish to advertise your choice of doing the recruitment online or through any other medium is influenced by the potential reach. Mid to high level jobs can easily be filled via online channels because the target candidates are most likely well educated and can be found online. Some lower level candidates might easily be found at local employment centers and via publications in bulletins etc.

Are they in a specialist field?

If you are looking for candidates for positions that require specialist and professional skills; from accountants to IT experts your best bet will surely be online where they can be found scouring web pages for information and opportunities that interest them along their specialty lines.

Do You Need to Search Internationally?

You are in Nigeria and need professionals from possibly neighbouring countries or are open to getting qualified candidates for a particular job even if the prospect comes from Ghana. The elimination of boundaries by online recruitment makes it attractive to employers who need to reach people from diverse locations and backgrounds.

Recruiting Online: The Processes and Components

Candidate Attraction and Sourcing: Attracting the right candidates used to be seriously restricted geographically and otherwise. Online recruiting has changed all that. With the advent of social recruiting, search recruiting etc getting your jobs before the right candidates has become far easier than before. The online recruitment process starts from attraction of the right candidates. Candidate attraction strategies can be in form of
– job advertising on websites/platforms where the target type of candidates are easily found
– social stalking and stealth approach (where users on popular platforms that have the required qualifications are tracked and approached by recruiters)

Electronic Application: In stead of physically submitting or posting of CVs and applications job applications are now done electronically and could be either
– sending in CVs and applications via emails or platform databases
– online filling of application data by Candidates

Talent Screening: This is perhaps the stage least affected by technology as the important parts such as interview still majorly occur physically. Talent screening starts from choosing the better prospects from the information they filed or sent in and most times culminate to physical interviews and placements when candidates are successful. (This process can include some organisations finding it handy to screen verified databases of qualified career individuals to excavate potential candidates). Electronic testing and interviews remain a growing option but less so in our developing world with its infrastructure challenges.

Online vs Offline Recruiting: Why Everyone is Going Online

Below is a comparison of important parameters between online and offline recruiting;

1. Cost-Effectiveness: Hands down online beats the offline in cost effectiveness in the recruitment process. It costs only a fraction of the offline budget to recruit online in most cases

2. Flexibility: Jobs can always be edited and changes made. Not so easy with the offline. A job placement ad in the magazine can hardly be changed once it goes to print.

3. Measurement: While it’s pretty difficult to track results of your offline recruitment campaign you can measure performance and determine the best avenues for your online recruitment.

4. Limits: When recruiting offline it is highly restricted to the physical locations you can cover. Online recruitment provides options for hiring across countries and nationalities

5. Shelf Life: Your job could appear in one issue of a magazine and is gone the next issue being unavailable for anyone who misses the particular issue. Online job advertising means the job postings are up for as long as needed by the advertiser

The recruitment scenario is changing to depend more and more on online channels but still many recruiters can get their recruitment needs met by a mix of both offline and online.

Online recruitment processes might not offer the solution to everything an employer needs but it sure makes the entire process of hiring easier and a bit more cost-effective.

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