For Consultants: How to Grow and Expand Your One Man Consulting or Freelance Business

Consulting or doing freelance work is a growing alternative to finding permanent employment. If you are self employed as a consultant or freelancer and looking to grow your practice beyond the current one man thing here are some valuable tips to get you underway.

Explore Opportunities in Social Media

If you are a consultant and look to get more work and grow your business the social media is a huge and evergrowing base where you are likely to find thousands of more prospective clients and customers. Deoending on the type of service or product you sell you will find that smart usage of Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook will expand your possibilities and bring in more prospects into your funnel.

You will need a smart social media strategy. It is important you do not try to use social media as a channel to start selling to prospects right away. Your strategy should be to attract prospects from these networks to your site if you have one or get them to take an action that signifies interest in learning more about your services.

Become an Authority

If you are a consultant offering professional services the best way to increase your level of exposure and attract more cash laden clients is to embark on a solid quality content strategy where you regularly produce content that proves useful to your target audience and in turn entrenches you and your practice in their mind as an authority in that field.

When people trust your opinion in an area you are more likely to get consulting offers when they need it.

How Do You Go From a One Man Consultant to Expand Your Practice

Growing your consulting business beyond the one man thing can be tricky. You should first determine what you need and only bring in new hands or spend on new tools when they are absolutely needed. Don’t go and rent a big plush office when you don’t need it.

As your practice grows and you need to bring in helping hands you find that one of the first persons you need to bring in is a secretary or sort of administrative staff to help organise your appointments, documents and help you become more efficient doing stuff like typing out contracts, taking calls from clients and making appointments.

When you eventually need to bring in more consultants you will need to think long and hard about the sort of consulting associates you need.

We will be writing more on how to Attract Quality Consultants to Your Practice.

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