Five Tips to Improving Employee Performance

The dynamics of today’s workplace is far more complicated than it was a decade ago. The modern workplace is a juxtapose of ages, egos, and sensibilities. It becomes even more challenging to a young entrepreneur or manager who is expected to get the best out of a diverse mix of team members.

For the manager or executive overseeing less than a dozen team members it will be key to learn as much as he can about the vulnerabilities and motivation of each of them. While you may not be required to micromanage it will help to have an inkling of what makes each player in your team tick.
Getting your employees or team members to put in top notch performance and churn out great results boils down to doing a few important things right.

Have a Clear Communication About Goals and Objectives

It is a surprise how many individuals know so little about what immediate and medium term goals their organizations are pursuing. The team members must be part of the vision if you are to get the best out of them. It’s better they know what is expected of them in clear terms and know the yardsticks by which they will be measured.

I am a fan of keeping things simple and stupid especially when it comes to goals and objectives. Talk with your people and establish clear goals expected of them. Explore ways they might use to reach the objectives set and then leave them with enough room for creativity as they aim to achieve generally set objectives.

Share Information Periodically

As a young entrepreneur I have quickly learnt that you can quickly begin to lose touch with your team if you rarely share information and explore ideas with them. On a weekly basis (or as much as you can without making things boring) you share information on the progress the team is making towards achieveing its set targets and explore newer avenues as they come. This keeps everybody up to speed and gives a chance for team members to air challenges they might be having in meeting their individuals business goals.

Be Accessible

The massive innovations in online communication in the past decade means you have no excuse not to be easily accessible to your key team members. With email and company internal communication platforms you can urge every team member to keep in touch and inform on any contingencies that might come up in the course of their work.

To get the best from the workplace you do not want to be create office beareucracy. Make accessibility and ease of communication a vital part of your company culture.


As long as we remain humans and retain our emotional tendencies we will react to motivation and incentives to some degree. If you are a young company that may not have the luxury of handsome cash bonuses there are several smart ways to increase the desire and motivation of your team to push the boundaries of what they can do.

Add Value

At the workplace emphasis should be on making your people better every quarter. The better they get the more productive they will be for your organization. A reasonable percentage of your company’s resources should be channeled to making your people get better at what they do. Many times an employee will choose a company where his professional growth is guaranteed more than a company that will pay slightly higher but do nothing to improve his skills and expertise.

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