Hiring Your First Employees? Here’s Some Tips to Attract Quality People for Young Entepreneurs

Determine your exact need and only hire for a position when the need is there. What changes will need to be made in your internal processes to accommodate the new hires.

Expand at Your Own Pace

Sometimes when business sales boom there is always the temptation to go out and recruit more hands. First consider the implications of hiring such as need for bigger office, increasing fixed expenses for wages and benefits, plus the personnel management issues.

When You Decide There is Need to Hire

If you have done your considerations and decide it’s time to recruit your first employee(s) here are some tips to help you make it a success

Be Clear on the Job Details

First draw up a clear and concise list of requirements and responsibilities for the prospective employees you intend hiring. It will be easier to manage such staff when you have clear tasks, duties and goals for them to handle

How to Attract the Right Candidates

Arguably one of the tasking aspects of hiring for an entrepreneur with little or no recruiting experience is to attract the right candidate for the vacancies.

Means of advertising your jobs to the right target audience of experienced and graduate career individuals can range from newspaper ads to placing your job listings in job sites and boards. However the costs and increasing use of technology means that advertising your jobs in newspapers may be too expensive for you. In Nigeria there are literally hundreds of job boards with no distinction however a couple like Ngcareers (yes our job search site has gradually emerged as a veritable platform for job advertising) have built a set of simple tools that help employers and business owners advertise their jobs and attract potential candidates at very little cost.

Getting the Right Result on Your Job Adverts

Many times we see jobs posted on our site for publishing and they have very scant information some even haev barely a paragraph. How do you attract a potential quality employee if you don’t create a compelling job ad that will convince them of the quality of work you have for them. See our various samples of job descriptions. The key is not to make it too long or short. Think like the job seeker. What kind of job ad will you see that will attract your interest and make you want to apply?

Screening Applications

With a clear sense of what you are looking for in a potential employee you will have to go through the several applications you are bound to get if for instance you Advertise your Jobs on Ngcareers. You have to determine if you need the services of a consultant to shortlist the applicants and schedule interviews.

Interviewing Potential Employees

If you have made your shortlist the task is far from over. There is the little tough issue of interviewing your shortlisted candidates. One advice I always give is to have an advisor (more experienced in business and hr issues) by your side to help you handle interviews.
It has been shown that the candidates react differently when there interviewing panel is 2 or more from when it is only you sitting on the other side.

Make your interview points and have them written down. the objective of your interview is to have a firsthand idea of how suitable the candidate is for the job. Ask only questions that will show you if the candidate has the required skills, attitude and temperament for the job.

Hiring can be a daunting task for first time entrepreneurs and sometimes working in concert with a hr consultant will help you shape the hiring process and make it easier to get the committed and talented early stage staff you need to rapidly grow your company.

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