How to Create a Training and Development Officer Job Profile and Description (Samples Included)

There are several situations that will require a company or organisation to hire a Training & Development Officer or Manager. For organisations into consulting, training etc you will be requiring competent individuals to handle your various training programmes for clients.

If your organisation is big enough you will also have need for a Training & Development Officer to help in coordinating the training and career development of the entire workforce especially for new hires. The Training & Development Officer or Manager works under Human Resources as its a job that oversees the growth of your team members. Thus a Training and Development Manager should be a smart, eloquent and very organised individual to be able to supervise, coordinate and organise events successfully.

Training and Development Officer Job Profile and Description

A training and development officer supervises the learning and professional growth and development of staff members of a company. With proper training and development session, the employees get a better understanding of a job; it gets new practical skills and the motivation to carry out the tasks in a better and efficient way.

Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of training and development officer include the following:

The training and development officer or an hired expert delivers training sessions to participants (employees or workforce)
They are associated with a company for the long-term improvement and growth of staff members’ skills so that their potential can find full expression and lead to the growth of the office too.
The trainer is also responsible for developing a comprehensive training package to motivate workforce and imbibe in them newer skills.
They need to identify training and development needs within a company through job analysis, appraisal schemes or through frequent consultation with the management and HR departments.
The officer must keep in mind both the company’s requirements and the individual’s needs, while designing the training program.
The training programs should be designed keeping budget in mind.
He must also make assessment of the return on investment of any training or development program.
He must develop effective induction programs for new employees.
He must keep up to date with developments in training by reading journals, going to meetings, conferences, workshops etc.

Skills and Specifications
A training and development officer must have good communication skills and must be able to coordinate among all departments to find out training possibilities.
He should be perceptive about the requirements of the company and the employee.
Teamwork is very essential.

Education and Qualifications
A training and development officer has to do a course on human resources and he must have enough knowledge about the topic of training if he himself is the trainer. Knowledge of computers and other electronic techniques is also important. As the trainings can be imparted in a better way.

[Insert brief Company description]

Identifies staff development and training needs and ensures that training is obtained.
Determines whether training programs meet acceptable standards as set by law, federal guidelines, etc.
Develops assessment techniques and evaluates staff development and training programs, methods, and materials; makes or recommends improvements.
Ensuring the development of human resources within the organization
Providing support to supervisors and staff to develop the skills and capabilities of staff.
Coordinating the induction of new employees within the organization
Coordinating staff retreat programme.
Conducting a training needs analysis on a quarterly basis.
Assist in developing, modifying and implementing policies, operational manuals and SOP’s ensuring that the interests of management and staff are taken into consideration and adequately represented in these decisions.
Evaluate, analyse and prepare reports on performance scores
Assisting in organizing in house training within the organization

Qualifications and Requirements:
B.Sc. in HR or social sciences with previous experience in HR
Minimum of 2 years’ experience industry would be required
Proficiency in Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel, Power point, Access)
Knowledge of Microsoft Project or similar project software will be an added advantage.

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