What Some of Nigeria’s Successful New Age Entrepreneurs Were Doing at Age 25 #1

Curious to know what many of the country’s most successful young business people and entrepreneurs were doing at age 25? You’ll be surprised to know how diverse the fortunes of many of them were.

For many people at 25 years of age life is just beginning. Many might be just out of school and looking to get their first jobs, some others will be moving from one failed venture to the other while many more are yet to have an idea of where they should be going career wise.

We are starting a series on what several of Nigeria’s most accomplished young Under-40 entrepreneurs where doing when they clocked a quarter of a century old.

Seun Osewa

seun OsewaThe founder of Nigeria’s most visited and used discussion platform at age 25 had already witnessed a few business failures (which successful entrepreneur doesn’t). He had started Nairaland two years earlier after closing down his failed web hosting business.

Nairaland though wasn’t his first attempt at starting a forum for engagement among Nigerians. He had created 3 forums in November 2003 (IT discussions forum, forum for tertiary students and one for the gsm industry). He started Nairaland when he realized that the scope of Nigerians’ interests and discussions online transcended these niches.

Bakrie Delano

delano BakrieBakrie is the CEO of Bakrie Delano Africa a multimillion dollar investment company and one of the country’s most accomplished entrepreneurs. A British Nigerian who started business exploits at a very young age, Bakrie by age 25 was running Solidarnosc Asia, a Chinese alcoholic beverage company that made Solid XS, a premium brand of vodka.

He had earlier started Solidarnosc Asia when he was just 22. Solid XS as the company’s main brand achieved about 50% market share and made $22 million in revenues. After the global economic downturn Bakrie sold Solidarnosc Asia to a rival liquor company for $15 million.

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  1. segun says:

    Its good to see young nigerian youths trying to stand up and start something nothwithstanding the economic problems and rampant bad government. What governement should do is to help them by looking at the agenda behind their business. They should recognize those trying to start. The CEO of lexcorp technology is an experienced IT engineer who has managed several company’s IT department and is trying to start up an IT consulting firm.

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